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The Poverty Impact of Climate Change

10 March 2011

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Here is a new, interesting article on the impact of climate change on poverty, published by the World Bank.

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Aris  Ananta

For The Jakarta Globe, 2 December  2010

World elites have gathered in Cancun, Mexico, to discuss solutions to the accumulating problems of rapid climate change. Some are pessimistic that this round of talks will result in concrete binding agreements. However, I see light in this gathering of world political power because of some important changes in, of all things, the world of statistical measurement. The influential World Bank has begun a revolution in the development paradigm by changing the way development is measured.

This is not only a statistical improvement, but a radical reorientation that overhauls not just the metrics but the way development is seen in mainstream economics with potentially far-reaching consequences. Read the rest of this entry »

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Indonesia: Will Mulyani’s Exit Slow Down Economic Growth?

Aris Ananta

ISEAS Viewpoints

17  May 2010

Whether forced or voluntary, the exit of Dr. Sri Mulyani Indrawati  from her post as Minister of Finance, Republic of Indonesia, has worried some investors and analysts that the Indonesian economy would be seriously hurt. High political maneuvering has been suspected behind the exit. However, her exit to a higher, world position as a Managing Director of the World Bank may be an optimal political compromise between President Yudhoyono and his attackers. The President may have released Mulyani  from her post  as an exchange with  tamed political tension, to avoid impeachment against the President and  Vice President.

The political tension since Yudhoyono started his second term in October 2009 has been very high and wild, especially with the Bank Century case. Opening the “wound” and “sins”  of each other, particularly its rivals, has become  a  recent common feature  in  Indonesia’s politics.  Politics have dominated news in Indonesia. For instance, a very important, high level, economic meeting, led by the President and attended by all ministers and governors, to socialize the economic targets during 2009-2014, failed to grasp significant space in Indonesia’s mass media.

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