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A New Tripple-Win Option for the Environment of the Poor


Mletiko, 30 November 2013

This is the title of Chapter 1 of the just published edited book The Environment of the Poor in Southeast Asia, East Asia, and the Pacific. The editors (Aris Ananta, Armin Bauer, and Myo Thant) concluded that there is no trade-off between poverty reduction, improving the quality of the environment, and climate change mitigation and adaptation. They argued that it is possible to have a triple-win option, to simultaneously reduce poverty and inequality, improving the quality of environment, and mitigating as well adapting to climate change.

To make this option implemented successfully, policy makers need to go beyond conventional growth-oriented economic development models. Policy makers should make a broader set of development indicators. This set of indicator should include reduction of poverty and inequality, improvement in the quality of environment, and better mitigation as well as adaption to climate change.

Policy makers should have strong and far-sighted public policies. Simultaneously, private sectors should be encouraged to invest in environmently friendly businesses.

The book provides empirical evidence and observations from sixteen case studies in Southeast and East Asia, and the Pacific. It argues that a spatial approach focussing on the environments in which the poor and vulnerable live would trigger changes for development policies and implementation that better balance environment and social concerns. The post-2015 development agenda should bring the environment and poverty agenda closer. (*)

This book emerged from a cooperation of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) with the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (ISEAS) in partnership with experts from research institutes and think-tanks in the Asian region.


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Poverty and Global Recession in Southeast Asia

Just  Published

Edited by  Aris   Ananta and Richard Barichello

About the Book

Financial crises after financial crises have occurred, with widening impact and deepening severity. This book started  with an  objective to understand the impact of high inflation on poverty in Southeast Asia. However, global inflation moved quickly into recession in 2008. Southeast Asia was not an exception.

This book then refocused the title to Poverty and Global Recession in Southeast Asia. It is a modest attempt to contribute a better understanding of poverty and food security in Southeast Asia during the 20089-09 global recession, considering both recent development and the previous major crisis of 19979-98. The book may also help to anticipate some possible impacts of future global recession on food and poverty, not only in Southeast Asia, but also in many other countries in the world.

The book was published by Institute of  Southeast Asian Studies, Singapore, 2012. (*)

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Evi Nurvidya Arifin and Aris Ananta

“Being old should be celebrated. We should be proud to be old. Unfortunately, now, being old is synonymous to being weak, fragile, ugly, and liability. Stereotyping of older persons has been very degrading.”

This is what a man grumbled  after he officially retired. We could only smile and say that we have to change the perception and make older persons an asset. Ageism hurts.

This is indeed the message Han Seung-soo, UN General Assembly President, conveyed to the Second World Assembly on Ageing in Madrid, April 8, 2002. He said. “Older persons must be seen as asset, not a burden”

Read more  in  launchOlderPersonsinSoutheastAsia,  a short note presented at the “Industry Briefing on “Understanding Singapore’s Baby Boomers Survey” cum Book Launch of “Older Persons in Southeast Asia: An Emerging Asset” by Dr. Aris Ananta and Dr. Evi Arifin. Singapore: Council for Third Age (C3A), 14 October 2009.

More information on the book Older Persons in Southeast Asia. An Emerging Asset can be found in the Publication Unit, ISEAS.

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