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“mletiko” comes from the verb “mletik”, a Javanese word that means something close to “sparkle”. Mletik, however, is a very brief spark just like when we ignite a match. If it is not caught immediately, it will die.

Mletiko then means to mletik – to spark ideas. I hope this blog can mletik everybody who reads it. Yet, readers must be cautioned. To mletik will not necessarily make us happy. When we mletik, we catch fire and with this light we may see the surrounding a little better. However, a better understanding of our surrounding may make us frustrated and angry. It really depends on how we perceive pe-mletik-an.

A good English synonym for pemletikan is enlightenment. I would say, however, that enlightenment is deeper than pemletikan. Enlightenment is more spiritual, but here, in this blog, it is simply an intellectual process.

I love economic analyses, tools to choose whenever we have scarcity. The issues are not necessarily related to “money”. I may cover “cultural” and “political” issues. I am also a demographer, working with statistics on population dynamics as well as its wide social, economic, and political determinants and implications. Southeast Asia, particularly Indonesia, is my main research interest.

Selamat Mletik, Happy Mletik.

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