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For the Government of Jokowi: Food Security in Sustainable Development

Mletiko, 16 October 2014

Dear readers,

Attached is our paper Food Security in Sustainable Development , a short note presented at the International Symposium on Applied System Analysis for Sustainable Agriculture, conducted by Ministry of Agriculture, Republic of Indonesia in Jakarta, 14 October 2014. We hope this note can also be useful for the new Government to formulate its agricultural policies, especially within the framework of sustainable development, not economic growth. This note is also expected to trigger discussions on what Indonesians want to be in the future.

Best regards,

Aris Ananta


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Unsustainable Development Trap

Aris Ananta

Mletiko, 9 September 2014

The UN has declared “The Future We Want” as sustainable development, rather than a growth oriented development.

If we follow the UN concept of “The Future We Want”, we need evaluate some economic concepts we often heard today. One of them is poverty trap or middle income development trap. Indonesia is often feared to fall into a middle-income development trap, being as a middle-income country for a very long time. However, this concept is very growth oriented. It needs to be evaluated to suit the UN’s concept of “The Future We Want”.

Therefore, we need to introduce the concept on “unsustainable development trap”, rather than poverty trap or middle-income development trap. Conceptually, country or a community is “trapped” in unsustainable development when it cannot escape from a situation of continuously destroying its own environment. When members of a community cut trees from their close-by forest, the forest may suffer and eventually harm the community itself. When the cutting of the trees is still minimum, the forest can recover the trees. But when the cutting become more extensive and intensive, the forest lost its ability to recover the trees. The community suffers. Then, it seeks other forest or natural resources to destroy. It is ironic, that people destroy their own resources simply to survive. Read the rest of this entry »

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