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Aris  Ananta

For  Mletiko, 22 December  2010

It is very encouraging to hear that the Indonesia’s Minister of Trade, Mari Pengestu, has urged the palm oil industrialists to do their business without sacrificing the environment. The minister asked the industrialists, who just convened in Bali, Indonesia, to improve the international image of Indonesia. Until now, Indonesia has been accused of sacrificing its environments for its economic growth, including the growth of the palm-oil industries.

Sadly,  some participants of the conference  believed that there were two opposing groups. One is the government of Indonesia, who was concerned with social and economic development. Another group comprises the  NGOs who  were interested on environment.  This dichotomy may have led to a perception that the government of Indonesia did not care about environmental goals, while the NGOs did not pay attention to social and economic development issues.

We also heard   statements implying that  though the industries have been harmful to the environments, they have contributed a lot to economic growth, social development, and employment creation.   They also argued that  Indonesia is a still a low-income country. Indonesia  needs to grow and therefore, Indonesia should be allowed to destroy its environment for the benefit of growth. They implicitly said that the “benefit” from the industries can compensate the suffering of the people from the environmental degradation. They  do not know that the poor usually suffers the most from environmental degradation, though in the short term the poor may seem to enjoy the destruction of the environment. This is similar to the arguments used by cigarette industries to defend their businesses. Read the rest of this entry »


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Aris  Ananta

Untuk SEPUTAR  INDONESIA, 10 Desember 2010

Siapa yang harus bertanggung jawab atas terjadinya perubahan iklim? Siapa yang bertanggung jawab pada peningkatan emisi karbon? Siapa penghasil emisi terbanyak?
Itulah pertanyaan yang akan dijawab dalam United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) yang berlangsung di Cancun,Meksiko, sejak 29 November hingga 10 Desember 2010. Ini bukan pertanyaan baru, tapi pertanyaan lama yang tidak kunjung terjawab. Perdebatannya selalu berkisar siapa yang mau mengurangi emisi karbon. Masalahnya, selama ini terdapat asumsi bahwa pertumbuhan ekonomi merupakan tujuan utama pembangunan. Kemudian pertumbuhan ekonomi selalu menghasilkan emisi karbon yang merusak iklim di seluruh dunia. Dengan asumsi ini, mengurangi emisi karbon berarti mengurangi pertumbuhan ekonomi.

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Aris  Ananta

For The Jakarta Globe, 2 December  2010

World elites have gathered in Cancun, Mexico, to discuss solutions to the accumulating problems of rapid climate change. Some are pessimistic that this round of talks will result in concrete binding agreements. However, I see light in this gathering of world political power because of some important changes in, of all things, the world of statistical measurement. The influential World Bank has begun a revolution in the development paradigm by changing the way development is measured.

This is not only a statistical improvement, but a radical reorientation that overhauls not just the metrics but the way development is seen in mainstream economics with potentially far-reaching consequences. Read the rest of this entry »

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