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Abandoning Forced Retirement: a means to increase economic resilience of the elderly


15 October 2017


Dear Readers,

Here is a poster presented at the 8th APRU Population Ageing Conference. Ageing and Resilience in the 21st Century. Singapore: 11-13 October 2017

I hope you enjoy it and interested to carry out further studies in this topic.

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Perempuan dan Pasar Kerja

“Memaksakan Perempuan Masuk Pasar Kerja bisa jadi tidak benar. Yang penting tidak ada hambatan perempuan masuk kerja. Menghargai apa pun pilihan perempuan juga bagian dari pembangunan”  Evi Nurvidya Arifin (Kompas, 31 Maret 2017). Selengkapnya, silakan baca di sini.

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Why Do We Study Islamic Economic Development?

Aris Ananta

10 April 2017

Islamic economics has been emerging very fast in the last four decades. However, the progress is still limited to the financial sector, the so-called Islamic Finance. There has been a great increase in demand for Islamic finance, even among conventional financial institutions. Islamic finance and banking institution have flourished, but social and economic features of Islamic moral economy have not progressed as well. The real (“production”) sector has not been given sufficient attention in the literature and performance of Islamic economics. (SASE, 2017)

Indeed, Islamic economics is more than the prohibition of interest and “profit-and-loss-sharing”. Islamic economics  provides more attention to the real sector and asset based economy, rather than on debt and speculation. Islamic economics focuses on people-centred and sustainable development. (SASE, 2017)

The purpose of this short note is to show that Islamic economic development is concerned with the economic and social features of the Islamic moral economy. In particular, it is an economic development based on Maqasid Al-Shariah. The performance of economic development is Islamic when its performance is in accordance with Maqasid al-Shariah.

Read more inWhyDoWeStudyIslamicEconomicDevelopment

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Merokok, Sakit Sakitan, dan Pertumbuhan Ekonomi!

Aris Ananta

28 Agustus 2016

Tidak sehat tak apa apa, karena ekonomi justru terus tumbuh dengan baik. Merokoklah. Jangan kuatir bahwa anda, pasangan anda, keluarga anda, teman anda dan orang lain akan sakit dan sakit sakitan. Ini adalah pengorbanan anda semua demi pertumbuhan ekonomi. Tetapi, siapkah anda menjadi sakit dan sakitan sambil nonton pertumbuhan ekonomi yang menakjubkan? Itu kah yang anda inginkan dari pembangunan ekonomi? Read the rest of this entry »

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Merokoklah, Demi Pertumbuhan Ekonomi

Pembaca yang budiman,

Merokoklah terus. Sakit dan sakitan tidak apa apa. Anda akan membantu pertumbuhan ekonomi. Demi kesejahteraan industri rokok kita diminta terus merokok. Jangan risaukan sakit dan sakit sakitan, anda pahlawan ekonomi.

Lucu ya? Semoga anda tidak mau menjadi pahlawan ekonomi seperti ini. Kasihanilah diri anda sendiri, pasangan anda, keluarga anda, dan masyarakat Indonesia.

Yuk, kita semua mengikuti gaya hidup sehat. Demi kesejahteraan kita semua. Selain itu, ada bonusnya. Kalau kita sehat, ekonomi akan tumbuh dengan berkelanjutan. Kalau kita sakit sakitan,  kita akan mengalami bencana demografi. Produktifitas turun drastis dan ekonomi juga akan berantakan.

Salam hidup sehat.











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Three Mega-Demographic Trends in Indonesia

17 June 2015

Dear readers,

Attached is our power-point presented in an in-house seminar of the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Indonesia, on 10 June 2015.

I hope it can be useful for you.

Best regards,


Three Mega Demographic Trends

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Employment Patterns of Older Women in Indonesia

Just Published. Written by Aris Ananta.

Dear readers,

This is a chapter in a recently published book Gender and Ageing. Southeast Asian Perspectives by Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, Singapore. The following is the introduction and conclusion of the chapter. Employment Patterns of Older Women in Indonesia

More about the book can be referred to Publication Unit.

Best regards,


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