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A Gerindra Official: Victory for Jokowi-JK

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It is interesting to hear that a Gerindra official already acknowledged the victory of Jokowi-JK.

Read the following article.

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Nur Alfiyah

TEMPO, 16 July 2014

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Head of Administrative Reform Gerindra Pius Lustrilanang acknowledge recapitulation Guard election results favoring Jokowi-Jusuf Kalla. In a note on the Facebook page titled “Same honorable opposition to Govern” uploaded today, Thursday, July 17, 2014, Pius said Kawal Election same calculation with the results of the count of the data DB1 uploaded by the Election Commission.

“I’m trying to calculate the data DB1 that already uploaded on the website of the Commission, but the result is not much different from the results shown on the site,” he said. (Read: Prabowo-Hatta Airport in Tangerang Regency Win )

In pages, Prabowo-Hatta acquire 58,746,422 or 47.17 percent of the vote. While Jokowi-JK menggungguli them by bagging 65,770,208 or 52.82 percent of the vote. This data was obtained from 95.60 per cent or 452 328 polling stations out of a total 472 672 TPS. (Read: Victory Jokowi-Kalla Protested in Semarang )

Pius conveyed greetings to anyone who has dedicated himself to oversee the election so running an honest and fair. According to him, whoever the president, the winner is democracy. He hoped the democratic system the country has matured and can bring prosperity for all people. “I hope people do not need to watch the horse-trading political stunt,” he said. Although for the hope that he says is rather pessimistic.

He also expressed respect to the tolerant party is ready to accept defeat and opposition. According to him, the opposition to those who lost were honored with the same attitude of readiness to rule for the win. “Whatever the choices made will determine the future political map of Indonesia,” he said. (Read: Jokowi Win in East Java, Timses: Thank You Fahri )

He hoped the party elite could see the long-term political interests and not just the desire for power. He predicts there will be only two major political forces, the two major coalition parties.

NUR Alfiyah


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