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Three Pillars of Active Ageing in Indonesia

Evi Nurvidya Arifin

The following is an abstract  of my article “Three Pillars of Active Ageing in Indonesia”,  written with two co-authors (Kathryn L. Braun and Eef Hogervorst), appearing in Asian Population Studies, available online since 18 April 2012.


This paper aims to contribute to the knowledge of ageing in Indonesia—the fourth most populous country in the world—within the framework of active ageing. Data are from the 2005 Intercensus Population Survey, the first to gather information from older persons aged 60 and above. Findings are organised according to the three pillars of the World Health Organization’s Active Ageing framework including health, participation and security. Findings suggest that: (1) good self-rated health status and functional ability are common among older persons; (2) Indonesian elders participate predominantly in home-centred leisure activities, but not in physical exercise; and (3) economic security, measured by main source of funding, varies by sex. There is great variation across Indonesia’s provinces in the status of the three pillars of active ageing. Policymaking on active ageing should pay attention to the local situation, and expect differences in health, participation and security by gender and province.

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