Percikan pikiran seorang ekonom.


Aris  Ananta


Mletiko, 8 April 2012


Briskly walking while holding a bicycle from the back, an elderly man seemed to be enjoying that Saturday morning with his elderly wife in a coastal park. Both were about 70 years old. With the sea to their left, the elderly woman seriously but leisurely rode on her bicycle–the husband to her side, keeping up to prevent  the bicycle from falling.  They looked very romantic.


But, wait! The elderly woman was learning how to ride a bicycle. The elderly man tried several times to help the woman.


I could not stop watching this couple, while pretending to do my own exercise in West Coast Park, Singapore, on 7 April 2012.


I was so impressed with the perseverance of the  elderly couple. And, they enjoyed this learning process too.


Finally, I was so happy to see the elderly woman being able to ride the bicycle without the help from her husband—though  for only a short distance.


It is so nice that people are still determined to learn a new thing even at advanced ages. They learn a new thing with passion and happiness. More importantly, this elderly couple seems to remain romantic.


Active ageing should also mean remaining active to learn new things and be romantic. Keeping and nurturing romantic life should be part of active, and therefore healthy, ageing programs.


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