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Evi Nurvidya Arifin and Aris Ananta

“Being old should be celebrated. We should be proud to be old. Unfortunately, now, being old is synonymous to being weak, fragile, ugly, and liability. Stereotyping of older persons has been very degrading.”

This is what a man grumbled  after he officially retired. We could only smile and say that we have to change the perception and make older persons an asset. Ageism hurts.

This is indeed the message Han Seung-soo, UN General Assembly President, conveyed to the Second World Assembly on Ageing in Madrid, April 8, 2002. He said. “Older persons must be seen as asset, not a burden”

Read more  in  launchOlderPersonsinSoutheastAsia,  a short note presented at the “Industry Briefing on “Understanding Singapore’s Baby Boomers Survey” cum Book Launch of “Older Persons in Southeast Asia: An Emerging Asset” by Dr. Aris Ananta and Dr. Evi Arifin. Singapore: Council for Third Age (C3A), 14 October 2009.

More information on the book Older Persons in Southeast Asia. An Emerging Asset can be found in the Publication Unit, ISEAS.


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